Petunias still blooming profusely in the late September sun

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The weather


This part of France enjoys over 2110 hours of sunshine a year on average - compare Paris, with 1600 hours. Summer temperatures range from 25° to 35° C or more, autumns from 20° to 25°, winters 5° to 15° (with occasional short colder spells), and springs 10° to 20°. In the sun you can regularly have lunch outside in the winter, and in spring and autumn breakfast and/or supper as well.


Here's today's weather in Puylaurens, and for the next fourteen days.



Good places to eat


A very good place to eat in Puylaurens is the beautifully restored hotel Cap de Castel - see the comments by our previous guests. You'll need to book beforehand. Their site also gives a very good idea of why this area of France is so special.

One of the best hotel-restaurants in the area is Cuq en Terrasses in the village of Cuq-Toulza, about ten kilometres from Puylaurens on the road to Toulouse. The cuisine is outstanding, and you'll have to book a day in advance to get a table.


Cathars, and more


This area of SW France is rich in history and culture. It is the region of the Occitan language, Cathars, cassoulet and Gaillac wine. Just about every village and town around has something worth exploring or experiencing.


And within easy reach (a one drive or less), there are three Unesco world heritage sites - Carcassonne, Albi, and the Canal du Midi.



Home grown fruit and vegetables


Growing around the house are cherries, pears, plums, figs, grapes, apples and quinces, as well as organically grown vegetables, all of which our guests are welcome to pick.





The roads around Pépoulie offer excellent cycling for all levels with plenty of traffic-free, tree-lined roads, varied terrain, and iconic sunflower-filled views. Two mountain bikes for adults, one child's bike (4 to 8 years) and another child's bike (9 to 14 years) are available to guests free of charge.

Disabled guests

For guests with disabilities we can offer ground floor bathroom and screened sleeping area. And click to see a video produced by the local tourist office of activities suitable for disabled people close to here.

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