There is something immensely satisfying about going out early into the garden to pick a basket of figs, already warmed by the morning sun, to put on the breakfast table. The flesh sweet, soft, a beautiful pinky mauve.

The fig season starts around the beginning of September, and lasts three or four weeks.  The cherries, an early reddish yellow variety, and a later, darker one, last from around the third week of May to the third week of June. The pears start in late July and go on to the end of August. From mid August there are the plums, and the grapes, on the front wall of the house, are ready from mid-September.


So with three cherry trees, three fig trees, a pear tree, two plum trees and three grape vines, there is plenty of fresh fruit for our guests to pick.  The only gap is late June to late July.


But this is made up for by the apricots and peaches in the market. By preference, French apricots and peaches, not from any chauvinism, but because they come from our region, Occitanie, so can be picked and dispatched whilst perfectly ripe. (Spanish ones, because of the greater distances, have to be picked that bit earlier.)